September in the Natural Garden 2021

The “Big Oak” at Tree of Life Nursery.

新年快乐! At least that’s the word around Tree of Life today, 因为9月1日一直是我们更新一切的日子. 我们根据从9月1日开始的日历保存我们的传播记录. From a garden planting point of view, 这是个不错的约会, 但新种植的最佳时间是从9月15日开始,一直持续到10月.

从上个月开始:这是一项崇高的使命,建造和照料大自然的缩影. 让我们把它叫做“自然园艺”,并把它提升到我们社会应有的地位, for those who practice it make our world a better place. Let’s answer the call and do this.

Why should it be hard? 因为有时候,我们似乎不得不对抗来自我们自己的景观和植物世界的反对, 也就是说, 怀疑阿花的, broad-brush and ineffective regulations on fire and fuel, misguided water conservation recommendations, 无意中损坏或杀死植物的维修人员, 或是当地的植物狂热者,他们喋喋不休地谈论“科学的”无关紧要的问题, would complicate solid native plant horticulture.


Current events, history, review, and notes

我想到了两首歌:天气变了,事情会好起来的. 你已经可以在凉爽的夜晚感受到它,在较长的阴影中看到它. 

注意,植物开始放松对水分保持的控制,通过冒险长出一些新芽或展开旧叶来获得更多的光线. 我们称9月为“后夏”月,因为我们的秋天从10月开始,就快到了. 

Late summer blooms on giant four-o’clock (Mirabilis froebelli) near Warner Springs, September 2019.


Do not underestimate:

  1. 深层土壤有多干(除非你定期进行深层浸泡). 去年我们这里只下了5英寸的雨,而且我们度过了一个漫长而干燥的夏天.
  2. The value in individually watering your plants by hand, (本质上是深浸泡),特别是对于那些在地里生长不到一年的新植物. 使用软管末端的软雨喷嘴,在每棵植物上花几分钟, saturating both inside and outside the watering basin.
  3. 每一种植物,即使是加州本土植物,通过叶子能吸收多少水分. Those late afternoon refreshing sprinkles really work!


AUGUST 2021 浇水.
SEPTEMBER 2020 浇水.

Related to 浇水

因为在大多数地区,深层土壤水分基本枯竭, 甚至专业的园丁也因为干旱失去了成熟的植物标本. 练习简单的动作,让水管涓涓细流流上几个小时, 或者一整夜, 或者整天, 然后把它移到老树和灌木的根部, so water can penetrate uniformly. 对于本地物种,一年可能只有一两次, and it’s especially important this month.

Here, this is really bad. I think the heat got to me:

At the end of the dry season


To keep my plant green

So it won’t turn into a dry stickel. 我就

Set my hose at a trickle.

When the soil is dry down deep

And I need water down deep to seep

To keep my plants green

I won’t put my mind in a pickle. 我就

Set my hose at a trickle.

When a tree or shrub looks stressed

I promise to do my best

To keep my plants green

I won’t be coy or fickle. 我就

Set my hose at a trickle.

While I wait for rain in November

I’ll water deep in August/September

To keep my plants green

I won’t cut them with knife or sickle. 我就

Set my hose at a trickle. 

Hose Trickle Method. For deep watering old plants, 把软管放在一个地方几个小时,然后在几天内移动它.


October is the best month to do any major pruning, 这是, 稀疏和花边植物,如曼扎尼塔揭示他们可爱的分枝习性. 然而, 在9月剪掉一些内部的树枝是安全的,这样你就能在秋天继续修剪时获得你想要的“外观”的感觉. 修剪 should be done in stages anyway. 记住,你永远可以砍下更多的树枝,但你不可能再把树枝装回去. Always sanitize your tools with 10% bleach solution, 酒精, 或者来沙尔喷雾, cleaning between each cut when removing diseased branches.


如果夏天的杂草占了你的上风,它们现在可能就要发芽了. Get them out now, better late than never. All year, weeds are an issue. Because of the drought, and if you have been watering properly, weeds should not have been too bad this year.


这个月, 仔细看看任何成熟的本地灌木下面的地面, and you’ll see the perfect soil top dress for that plant. 随着更多的内部叶子脱落,护根物变得更好. 如果你认为有裸露的区域需要覆盖,要仔细考虑. Before simply tossing some organic top dress on the ground, remember that fall is just around the corner. Maybe later this month you can scratch up that soil, 播撒一点野花种子,然后覆盖它1“层topdress.


如果天气长时间凉爽(至少不是酷热), 你可以在这个月和下个月施用一种好的万能有机肥. 按照标签上的说明或者少用,因为本地人是超级高效的种植者. 把它刮到土壤表面1/2英寸深的地方,马上浇水.

故障排除 – Varmints, Pests and Diseases

天气转凉时,你可能会在新生长的嫩芽上看到一些有害的植物害虫. In 2021年3月 故障排除 we took an analytical look at springtime pests. Fall is often like a second spring, 而在南加州,许多昆虫利用这一事实,在冬天前温暖的日子里再次出现. 另外,你邻居的蜗牛可能刚刚从冬眠中醒来.


你用上一季收集的种子耐心等待, 或者你购买的种子,希望拥有自己的“超级绽放2022”.“你可以在这个月底或10月的任何时候播种. If you need fresh seeds, come on by or visit Wildflower Seeds – Tree of Life Nursery .

Anza Borrego Desert State Park, February, 2019


这是官方的. 从9月15日到炎热的明年7月,我们正处于种植季节. 但秋天是最好的, 因为我们得到, (我们希望)现在温暖的土壤和随之而来的冬季降雨的优势, 我们希望, 请神.  Come on over, we have so many cool plants for you.

Meadow of bracken fern (Pteridium aquilinum)及鹿草(Muhlenbergia rigens) in a rich forest assemblage of conifers and oaks. Palomar Mountain State Park, August 2021.


Lots of stuff going on out there. Sometimes it gets just plain tough. For instance right now, (计数, 加州所有的国家森林将关闭两周. 什么?!? Who knew you could close a forest? 野火威胁,干枯的植被,人员筋疲力竭,还有一长串的原因. And who says they won’t extend the closure? Two weeks seems somewhat arbitrary. 20 million acres seems like a lot. (One fifth of our state).

所以,你期待已久的夏日后在山间悠闲漫步的计划不得不推迟了. 这影响了很多想要在偏远地区度过劳动节的人. 我想我们正在学习如何应对18个月的Covid, with harshly divided opinions on just about everything, and climate change affecting weather patterns, which forebodes huge fires in the West again this year. 现在是我们需要徒步旅行来保持镇定的时候了.

Celebrate beauty everyday in your natural garden. Keep it simple, I always say sometimes. 不伤害. Be inspired, informed and involved. 接受学习. 保持积极的态度. Your garden is your wild place. 这不是封闭的.

And as Cactus Ed (Abbey) said, “Do not burn yourself out. 像我一样——一个不情愿的狂热者……一个兼职的十字军战士,一个半心半意的狂热者. 把你们的另一半和你们的生命留给快乐和冒险吧. It is not enough to fight for the land; it is even more important to enjoy it. 虽然您可以. While it is still there. So get out there and mess around with your friends, ramble out yonder and explore the forests, encounter the grizz, climb the mountains. 运行的河流, breathe deep of that yet sweet and lucid air, 静静地坐一会儿,沉思这宝贵的宁静, 这可爱的, mysterious and awesome space.”

As soon as they open the forests again anyway.

Hey, now we get to start all over again!

From the September Garden,


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